Kauai Snorkeling

Have you wanted to go Snorkeling in Kauai?  The sea life is waiting for you to go Snorkel in Kauai with Kauai Reef Snorkel and Hawaii Snorkeling!  Kauaidiscount.com will give you the best prices for Hawaii Snorkeling and Snorkeling in Kauai.  You can see dolphins, whales and other sea creatures when you Snorkel in Kauai.  There’s nothing like Kauai Snorkeling and seeing historic sights and marine life on Kauai Reef Snorkel.  For Hawaii Snorkeling, Kauaidiscount.com is the best way to do Snorkeling in Kauai and Kauai Reef Snorkel!

There’s something for everyone when you go Kauai Snorkeling and Hawaii Snorkeling!  Get aboard the Southern Star and go Kauai snorkeling and scuba diving along the beautiful Na Pali Coast.  Hawaii Snorkeling and Kauai Snorkeling will give you the opportunity to see thousands of brilliantly colored tropical fish, endangered sea turtles and wild marine life with Kauai Reef Snorkel.  Kauaidiscount.com will give you the best possible bargains to experience this beautiful treasure when you Snorkel in Kauai.

When you Snorkel in Kauai there is the Blue Dolphin Deluxe Niihau Island Tour which is 7 1/2 hours. Enjoy a sail through the magnificent Na Pali Coastline with Kauai Snorkeling!  Our most adventurous Kauai Snorkeling Tour includes everything in the Deluxe Na Pali Coast Tour and an unforgettable stop at the forbidden island of Niihau when Snorkeling in Kauai.  Here you can Snorkel in Kauai and dive in its crystal clear waters.  When Snorkeling in Kauai, choose Blue Dolphin Charters who is known for its courteous, well trained, and knowledgeable staff.  Snorkel Kauai Tours include exciting water sports, Hawaiian legends, marine life, history, and bountiful food and beverages (wine, beer, & mao-tai’s)

Na Pali Coast Afternoon Snorkel Sail Holoholo Charters is a new Snorkel in Kauai experience with amazing views of dramatic sea cliffs, lush green valleys, and mysterious caves as you sail along the Kauai coast before entering the pristine waters for Hawaii snorkeling!  Enjoy stories of old Hawaii as you sail to a remote Kauai snorkeling spot. The Leila is a state-of-the-art, 48’ long, sailing catamaran.  It has a 60’ mast made to increase performance for fast Kauai trade wind sailing.  She is certified for 45 passengers but Holoholo Charters takes a maximum of 37 per trip to ensure a comfortable journey.  Enjoy covered cabin for sun protection, easy access swim steps, fresh water shower and two large marine lavatories.  Have fun on two oversized trampolines! The Kauai trade wind is fast in the afternoon offering the best sailing condition.  Relax and enjoy a delicious dinner and complimentary wine, beer and champagne as you enjoy the scenery and sunset of the Na Pali coast during your Snorkeling in Kauai tours.

If you love discovering historic sights, and you want to have an once-in-a-lifetime experience, then you will have your pick of the litter of activities when you choose to go Snorkeling in Kauai or take a Kauai Reef Snorkel with Kauaidiscount.com! Whether you choose to go snorkel in Kauai in the morning or afternoon, you will be seeing incredibly beautiful and historic sights as well as having the chance to go Hawaii snorkeling with thousands of brilliantly colored tropical fish.

When you are Kauai Snorkeling, don’t forget your camera so that you can document the incredible sights of the sea caves and lava tubes of the Na Pali Coast.  Before you dive in to go snorkeling in Kauai alongside them, you can snap pictures as you are watching the marine life at play.  You can take pictures of yourself in Hawaii snorkeling gear on the Nai’a Nui which will be taking you on the Lunch Snorkel & Dolphin Watch. 

There’s no experience like Hawaii Snorkeling when you use Kauaidiscount.com! You will experience the beauty of the historic sights of the tropical waters of Hawaii when you take a Kauai Reef Snorkel.  So grab your camera and bathing suits and let’s go Hawaii Snorkeling and go Snorkeling in Kauai!

Kauai Snorkeling and Kauai Reef Snorkel Tours are offered by Kauaidiscount.com at discounted prices. Reserve your spot today to go Hawaii Snorkeling and Snorkel in Kauai.

  Blue Dolphin Charters  Blue Dolphin Charters is known for its courteous, well trained, and knowledgeable staff.
  Captain Andy’s  Have a Hawaii adventure with Capt. Andy on a sailing or rafting tour along the incredible Na Pali coast of Kauai.
  HoloHolo Charters  Our premiere trip aboard "HoloHolo" a 65' power catamaran begins with a continental breakfast as we head west & north to the majestic Napali coast with waterfalls, lush valleys, and sea caves.