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Kauai Activities

You will discover planning your Kauai Vacations and Discount Kauai vacation packages are more fun than stress, especially when you’re saving money on Kauai activities and Kauai Tours. While you’re planning your Kauai vacations, you will also learn more about the islands' history and beauty behind one of the most beautiful islands in the world! With Kauai Discount activities and tours you will do more than plan a list of Things to Do in Kauai such as activities and tours. Get ready to start planning for one your your discount Kauai vacation packages and save on Kauai travel.

From discovering the Kauai tours and activities of our beloved island to creating the best possible Kauai Vacations, Kauai Discount activities and tours is here to help you along every step of the way! We love our ohana and we’re so happy you’ve chosen to join the Kauai Discount activities and tours family! Look no further to choose your Kauai Activities and tours for all your future Kauai vacations.

Kauai Activities and Tours

What do you need to know before planning Kauai travel, one of your discount Kauai vacation packages or planning Kauai Discount activities? The island is the oldest of the main islands and the most northernmost island of the Hawaiian chain. At only 550 square miles, it seems small but in this case the island's reputation as the most beautiful Hawaiian island is well deserved because it is a great island for activities and tours! Its nickname is the Garden Island although it was originally created by volcanoes! This island is absolutely mountainous in its landscapes with lovely waterfalls and canyons etched from the earth by the continual rainfall. In fact, our island has the proud designation of one of the wettest spots on earth! With so many high and lows of our island, there’s no wonder there are an abundance of Kauai Activities to do! From the average tourist to the Eco-Tourist, you can always plan the best of Kauai Vacations to suit your and personality.

Kauai Vacations

Traveling to our beautiful island is easy. We are only 20 miles from Oahu by air. Once here, you can travel the island a numerous different ways from traveling in luxury with a sedan service to hiking or horseback riding. These are just a few of the Kauai activities or Kauai tours to add to one of your Discount Kauai vacation packages.

There are so many Things to Do in Kauai from windsailing to horseback riding to laughing at the wild chickens roaming our island. Yes, this island has wild chickens: no one is quite sure how they went from being domesticated to roaming free. Our chickens give a new meaning to "free range." These are some of the unusual sights when you are on one of your Kauai vacations. There are many Kauai discount activities and are links to each of them. Choose some of the different Kauai activities and tours to add to one of your discount Kauai vacation packages

Whether you want to visit this island for its sheer beauty and relaxation or visit the hundreds of locations Hollywood filmed its famous movies, Kauai Discount activities and tours can help plan one of your ultimate Kauai Vacations! We’re renowned for having the best in Kauai Tours, come see why!

From Fern Grotto to sunset dinner cruises, this island is the best destination for the most romantic Kauai Vacations! Between long walks hand in hand on our white beaches to lingering over candlelight dinners overlooking the Pacific, come find out why Kauai has the superior reputation of being the most romantic Hawaiian Island and one of the most romantic destinations in the world! Whether you’re coming here to rekindle an old romance or creating a new one, Kauai Discount will absolutely help you create the most romantic, personalized Kauai Vacations you can dream about.

Kauai is divided into five regions; this is easier for the average tourist to decide on when researching activities; also the locals refer to the five regions when speaking. The North and South Shores are easily the most popular of the regions, well known for the Na Pali Coast, town of Hanalei to the South Shore where snorkeling and scuba diving reveals Kauai’s underwater beauty! The West Side appeals to the historian and archaeologist in all of us from its’ numerous cultural landmarks to Polihale heiau, where Hawaiians believe the souls of their departed reside.  For the golfer, the region of Lihue/ Kalapaki is renowned for its Jack Nicklaus’ 18 hole golf courses and abundance of private lagoons! Last but definitely not least, Kauai’s Coconut Coast is best known for the Wailua area and its historical relevance to Hawaiian history: the numerous heiaus (sacred sites) and petroglyphs teach you to respect the Hawaiian culture; the best way to visit the Coconut Coast is by kayak although you can certainly drive up to it.

No matter what Kauai activities you want to try - kayaking, diving, snorkeling or horseback riding your way through the island, there are many Kauai discount activities and tours to choose from. There is just about any other Kauai Tour you can think of, and Kauai Discount activities and tours is your passport to all of the things to do in Kauai. We believe in the road less traveled when it comes to visiting our rustic island and when you choose your list of Things to Do in Kauai through Kauai Discount, you save money! Everyone has their idea of one of the perfect Kauai Vacations and Kauai Discount activities and tours is here to help you envision and realize your Hawaiian dreams whether you want to spend ten days with your family or dreaming of a 14 day wedding getaway with your loved one! With every activity we offer, you’ve got our guarantee to help you relax and leave the planning to us. To save even more money, we have you book your activities now before arriving on the island. This way, you’ve got guaranteed tickets to the most talked about Hawaiian show or a perfect spot on a Sunset Dinner Cruise.  Reserve your Kauai activities today and let Kauai discount activities and tours help make one of your dream Kauai Vacations a reality!

The practice of responsible Eco-Tourism stems from trying not to damage the environment you’re visiting. Since all rainforests are delicate and Kauai’s is no exception, the best way to see our landmarks is to take Kauai tours specifically with this in mind; all of our activities have been designated as Eco-Tourist responsible. Some activities, such as hiking, surfing, boogie boarding, snorkeling among others are more environmentally safe than a land tour; but our land tours and trips are renowned for creating fewer emissions than other tours. Kauai takes great pride in itself and you will see why after planning one of the best discount Kauai vacation packages!

With only 500 square miles, our beautiful island surprises even the most jaded traveler with our sprawling beauty. Kauai, which is commonly misspelled Kaui is a beautiful Hawaiian Island with many landmarks and things to do In fact, it’s just not possible to see all of Kauai on just one trip! Between our mountainous landscape, tall waterfalls and private grottos, it’s hard to choose just one of the Kauai activities for one you your Kauai vacations. Whether you’re an avid scuba diver, or four wheeling appeals to your love of dirt, we’ve got a list of activities to satisfy even the most eclectic tastes! Don’t think you’re just limited to snorkeling or hiking up. Kauai Discount activities and tours has much more. Whether you want luxury or you want to try something absolutely random, all of our Kauai Activities are tailored made for you! If solo tripping or touring in a group appeals to your travel senses, follow your instincts right to Kauai Discount activities and tours and our ohana!

Things to do in Kauai

ATV Tours - Kauai’s rugged landscape and private ranches makes it easy to book an ATV Tour and go on the road less traveled! This is one of the most fun Kauai tours. Whether you’re a novice or an expert rider, our tours are easy and fun, great for families to explore movie sites, travel to our hidden waterfalls and conquer the lowland rainforests, which make up for one of the best Kauai activities

Biking - It’s all downhill while in Kauai on the Biking Tours! Bike riding is both easy and fun; something your entire tour group can do together because our bike riding tours are all down hill. We take the work out of bicycling so you can enjoy the sights and sounds around you as you cruise canyon floors, rainforests and beaches!

Dinner Cruises - Don't forget the Napali coast when you are planning one of the family's discount Kauai vacation packages. Whether you’ve got a family of four or capping off a fabulous romantic getaway with a delicious dinner, our Dinner Cruises aboard catamarans are often the hallmark of one of the wonderful Kauai vacations.

Fern Grotto Tour - A visit to our beautiful island isn’t the same without spending the day at Fern Grotto, one of Kauai’s signature landmarks! Accessible only by boat or kayak, the Grotto Tour takes you up the Wailua River where you can visualize Elvis Presley singing Blue Hawaii or learn traditional Hula dancing. There is something new with Kauai travel. 

Fishing - Whether catching Marlin, tuna, ono, mahi mahi, and rainbow runner is how you want to relax then Kauai sportsfishing is definitely some of the most exciting and rewarding in the world and also one of the most fun Kauai activites to do! When chartering one of our boats, you’re assured of our captains’ experience as well as our beautiful weather, perfect for the sports fisherman!

Helicopter Tours - Although only 500 miles, if you’re intent on enjoying the Kauai activities on your Kauai vacation, the best way to see our Garden Island is by air. All of our pilots are certified, experienced in both flying and as tour guides! You have your choice of flying over waterfalls, following lava paths or tracing the island boundaries. Whichever you choose, this is definitely worth seeing and Kauai Discount activities and tours has the best helicopter tours in Kauai.

Hiking - At Kauai Discount activities and tours, we approve of all things "Eco-Tourist" and hiking our rugged island is the best way to practice! How else will you learn about the flora and fauna personally except by participating in one of our backpacking tours through our diverse landscapes?

Horseback Riding - Whether you want to participate in a cattle drive or live out a scene from a movie and ride along the beach, Kauai Discount activities and tours offers the best activities for the equestrian lover. We make sure all of your riding equipment as well as horses are the best trained to ensure that safety won’t be your number one worry while you’re on the trail! Make horseback riding one of the Kauai tours when you all are planning one of your discount Kauai vacation packages.

Movie Tours - Over a hundred movies and television shows have been filmed on Kauai because of its beauty and remoteness. With our tours, you can choose from just a couple of hours to spending a day admiring the beautiful surroundings while learning about the making of each movie. This is one of the most fun Kauai tours to do on one of your Kauai vacations.

Kayak Tours - There are so many parts of Kauai that is too remote to be seen by bus or car. Kayaking up our rivers, visiting waterfalls and the free spiritedness of ocean kayaking are some of the highlights which you can expect when you pick up a paddle! Not for the meek hearted.

Land Tours - Whether you want to do a "Grand Circle Tour" of Kauai or just want to visit the canyons which make Kauai famous, we can help! Seeing the Garden Island by road is sometimes the best way to experience Kauai as it should be experienced. Land tours have always been one of the more popular things to do in Kauai. For things to do in Hawaii, such as different Hawaii activities and Hawaii tours, be sure to check out www.hawaiidiscount.com

Hawaiian Lei Greetings - Before you actually start your Kauai discount activities and tours, you need to get a lei greeting. Arranging for a personalized lei greeting waiting for you when you arrive at the airport helps anyone start off one of their beautiful Kauai vacations. Whether you’re looking for romantic honeymoon lei greetings or a fun candy laced one for your kids, let Kauai Discount activities and tours help with all of your lei needs!

Luaus - When in Kauai, wouldn’t it be great to be invited to the most spectacular parties you’ve ever seen? Whether an all day luau appeals to you or one specifically at night, you definitely have the best choices when using Kauai discount activities and tours for your luaus and Kauai travel.

Scuba Diving - Even if you’re a novice diver, diving on this island takes you to places where most people can only dream of seeing. Swimming among the mantas or through schools of tropical fish as you explore underwater caverns and lava formations makes you realize why Kauai consistently ranks in the top ten of dives year in and year out!

Snorkeling - Be sure to make time when planning one of your discount Kauai vacation packages for snorkeling. If diving isn’t your sport but you don’t want to miss out on swimming with tropical fish, then snorkeling is a great activity the entire family can do! Whether you’re snorkeling in private grottos or swimming along the reefs, snorkeling is a fabulous opportunity to see a side of this island most people don’t get to see.

Sunset Sailing - What could be more romantic then sailing on the serene ocean off of Kauai, glass of wine in hand and watching sunset sparkle on the water? How about enjoying a dinner over candlelight while you drift past the darkened coastline? Sunset sailing is a highlight to an adventuresome day, meant for small intimate parties to unwind and relax; enjoying each other’s company.

Surfing - Although, Oahu’s North Shore is better known for its surfing, both Kauai’s North and South Shores also have a few spots well loved by local and international surfers. From the reefs to breaks, even the novice surfer can whip up some air while enjoying the waves off of our beaches.

Tubing - Tubing is the best way to explore Kauai’s interior. Once your 4x4 tour takes you to the launch spot, you are allowed to strap on a head light, pop yourself into an inner tube and meander through canals, caverns and manmade tunnels while learning about Kauai’s engineering history. Out of all the Kauai activities, tubing is booked the quickest out of all the Kauai tours.

Whale Watching - Every winter, our island is blessed with visits from Humpback Whales!  Watching the gentle mammals breach, play and "talk" to each other for the few minutes they are above water is definitely a once in a lifetime treat of which every visitor to this island should partake!

Zipline Tours - Dangling over the tropical forests on a zipline is a fun way to experience the majesty of Kauai while participating as an eco- tourist. Once you’re clipped into the line, you can soar like a bird over the forests, walk the tree lines or over a suspension bridge of a waterfall! Just like the Tubing, this tour books quickly and should be reserved well in advance if you plan on adding it to one of your things to do in Kauai or one of your discount Kauai vacation packages.

History of the Island

Kauai’s history is as diverse as the island is beautiful. Before it was officially added to the Hawaiian chain in 1810, Captain James Cook visited our island in 1778, landing in Waimea. During the 19th and early 20th centuries, Kauai was home to numerous sugar cane plantations. From the mid 20th century forward, Hollywood has called Kauai its "second home" as they consistently produce movies and television shows here! There is no wonder why there are so many Kauai activities and tours to do on one of your Kauai vacations.

Kauai has been home to Hollywood since the mid twentieth century when several of Elvis Presley’s films were produced here. Also, the musical South Pacific, Lilo and Stitch, Raiders of the Lost Ark, 6 Days and 7 Nights, Jurassic Park among others have been filmed here as well. Kauai Discount activities and tours offers the best in Kauai Movie Tours when you want to visit the lush areas where these and other movies have been filled.

Kauai Travel Awards

Kauai is annually honored by numerous travel publications as well as the industry itself.

Just recently, in 2007 Kauai was voted as number 3 (below Maui and Bali) as the World’s Best Islands to go visit from Travel & Leisure Magazine.

Luxury Travel Magazine also named Kauai’s very own Princeville Resort as one of its Top Ten Luxury Hawaiian Hotels for 2007 putting it up there with JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton.

Kauai Discount Activities and Tours

Whether you’re searching for serene waters to dip in, white sandy beaches to relax on or windswept canyons to ride in, Kauai Discount and activities offers everything for you to plan one of your Kauai Vacations.  While this island is best known for being the most romantic of the Hawaiian Islands, it is also fun for the entire family as well as challenging for those people who consider themselves to be "experienced" tourists. From the deep blue waters to its deep caverns, from the Hawaiian aloha you’re greeted with to a sunny smile from the locals, Kauai has that special touch everyone looks for in a vacation. With Kauai Discount, we make your Kauai Vacation more than a destination: we make it a dream come true!

Kauai Discount activities and tours understands that it can be expensive visiting Kauai or any of the Islands. We reduce the expense by giving you the lowest price on Kauai activities and Kauai Tours. We limit the stress by helping you plan one of your Kauai vacations beforehand so you can concentrate on enjoying your Hawaii vacation as much as possible! We understand how a Things to Do in Kauai List can be daunting but with our help, planning for everything from Kauai Tours to Kauai Travel can be easier and the savings bigger when booking through Kauai Discount activities and tours.

Safety is our number one concern when it comes to our customers and our Kauai Activities. This is why we repeatedly ask for you to ask your physician before embarking on any of the Kauai Tours or adventures as fun as they may seem – they might not be the best fit for you. With our help, we can find the best activities to suit your needs and whims!

Let us join you on your next Kauai trips and see for yourself why a Kauai Travel itinerary is often advisable when you want to participate in our numerous Kauai Tours! Booking early is always advisable as many of these Kauai Tours and Kauai Activities are immensely popular! We like you to book early so you can be reassured of having a seat or a ticket to that event rather then arriving on the island and finding out that luau or sunset cruise was sold out. We make pre-planning your Kauai Vacation easy so you don’t have to worry! Whether you’re planning a romantic trip for two or a deluxe family vacation, planning an award- winning Kauai Vacation is easy with Kauai Discount!

24/7 Kauai Discount is here to help! For any of your Kauai Travel needs, don’t hesitate to call us Toll Free at 866-482-9775 if you have any questions. We’d rather answer all problems, no matter how big or small than for you to arrive in Kauai and discover you forgot to plan some detail. Even after your arrival to our beautiful island, just let us know what we can do. Chances are, we will always be able to help you.
Once again, call us toll free at 866-482-9775 7 days a week. We are your Kauai Activities specialists!

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