Kauai Luau

Looking for the best Kauai Luaus in Kauai?  With such a diverse choice of Luaus in Kauai to choose from, why limit yourself to just one on your Hawaiian Vacation?  With Kauai Discount, you have a great choice of Hawaiian Luaus from the Kauai Coconut Beach Luau, Grand Hyatt Kauai, Smiths Luau and Princeville Luau.  All Kauai Luaus as hosted by Kauai Discount offer a traditional Hawaiian Luaus lei greeting, drinks, and a fabulous show to teach the history and myths of Kauai.  You'll love these Kuaui Luaus.  Be sure to save on your Hawaiian Luaus with Kauai Discount for the best Kauai Luaus in Kauai! 

Whether you choose the Kauai Coconut Beach Luau, Grand Hyatt Kauai, Smiths Luau or Princeville Luau you’re sure to have a fantastic time on the beach during these Kauai Luaus!  When you choose from one of the Luaus in Kauai with Kauai Discount, you will leave with more than a full stomach; you’ll leave with priceless memories of your Hawaiian Luaus.  Don't forget your camera to capture thrilling moments of the best Kauai Luaus in Kauai from the Grand Hyatt Kuaui, Luaus in Kauai, Smiths Luau and Princeville Luau! 

While Smiths Luau, Princeville Luau and Grand Hyatt Kauai Luau are top notch entertainment, The Kauai Coconut Beach Luau is a traditional luau celebrating the rich history of Hawaii.  When you arrive at these Hawaiian Luaus, you’re given a beautiful shell lei and then you watch the unveiling of the featured dish – Kalua Pig.  During the traditional Imu Ceremony, the smoked pig is unveiled from the underground oven (Imu).  Enjoy a Mai Tai or another refreshment as you watch the program of Hawaiian Luaus dancing and celebration after the buffet is served. 

With the Grand Hyatt Kauai Luaus, you can enjoy the well known revue of song and dance after the buffet is served.  The Hawaiian Luaus song and dance highlights the Samoan culture and features a Samoan chief’s dance of victory.

Smiths Tropical Paradise Luau is Kauai’s most revered and popular luau with both natives and tourists.  These Kauai Luaus feature a spectacular ceremony held at the Lagoon Amphitheater in the torch lit darkness.  With the conch sounding, Pele – the Goddess of Fire – arises from an active “volcano” to tell her story.  Both dramatic and beautiful, the Hawaiian Luaus revue gives tribute to the Golden People of Hawaii.

The Princeville Luau Kauai’s revue is another beautiful Hawaiian Luaus program, produced by a former Ms. Garden Island and her family.  This tribute teaches the story of the Tahitian people and their history on the Hawaiian Islands.

All of the featured Luaus in Kauai have a shell lei greeting, an open bar and a buffet.  There are plenty of Hawaiian Luaus photo opportunities so don’t forget your camera!  With your choice of so many tributes to see ranging from the spectacular Smiths Luau to the family–produced Tahitian revue of Princeville Luau to the historical tribute of Kauai Coconut Beach Luau and the Samoan dancing of the Grand Hyatt Kauai, you can’t go wrong when booking one or more Kauai Luaus through Kauai Discount!

Kauai Discount understands when you are given so many choices in Luaus in Kauai to choose from, it’s hard to settle on just one!  Whether you’re looking for a traditional one – as offered through the Kauai Coconut Beach Luau or a dazzling showcase as offered by Smiths Luau; if you want to enjoy dancing at the Grand Hyatt Kauai or enjoy a Tahitian performance with Princeville Luau, Kauai Discount can help with all of your Kauai Luaus needs!  We have the best Kauai Luaus in Kauai, and you'll save on your Hawaiian Luaus by using Kauai Discount! 

  Smith's Tropical Paradise Luau  Includes a spectacular ceremony in a torch-lit Lagoon Amphitheater along the famous Wailua River!
  Grand Hyatt Kauai Luau Tihati  HYATT LUAU located in the Grand Garden at the Hyatt Regency Kauai Resort & Spa in Poipu