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Kauai Island Tours

Kauai Island, the Garden Isle, known for its green and lush rainforests as well as its remotely located hiking trails. Think of one of the greenest places you can imagine..and that is Kauai. This island is the oldest out of the chain as well as it is one of the wettest points in the world. If you’re looking for adventures in waterfalls, up mountains, and through Valleys then Kauai is the premier destination. Plus if you’re looking for great discount on tours, then Kauai Discount is your online booking site.

Adventure tours on Kauai include kayaking up rivers with walls built by the ancient Menehune people and ziplining through the forests while letting go and falling into waterfall pools. There are helicopter rides that take you and land at the waterfall which was filmed in Jurassic Park. Take a boat tour up the Wailua River to visit the Fern Grotto. Or you can hike the Na Pali coast and camp on some of the most remote beaches in the world. No matter what you decide for your vacation, Kauai has something for all.

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