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Ultimate Kauai Experience Helicopter Tour

Sunshine Helicopters - Ultimate Kauai Experience


For your next Hawaiian tours, Kauai Discount invites you to try the Ultimate Kauai Experience Helicopter Tour, offered to you by Sunshine Helicopters.  During these Kauai Tours, you'll view the Na Pali Coast, Waimea Caynon, Wailua Falls, and Mount Waialeale during a 55-60 minute Sunshine Helicopters flight.  Learn about the history and legends of Kauai with Sunshine Helicopters - one of our favorite Hawaiian tours and Kauai activities - brought to you with fantastic Kauai Discount savings!

On these Kauai Activities with Sunshine Helicopters you'll take in the Na Pali Coast, with dramatic cliffs chiseled by time to a razor sharp beckoning.  Waimea Canyon, another spectacular sight, is known as the "Grand Canyon of the South Pacific." During these Hawaiian Tours you might recognize Wailua Falls, known for their cameo appearance in the television series "Fantasy Island."  And the average annual rainfall for Mount Waialeale is about forty feet - it's known as the wettest spot on earth. This is one of the most awe inspiring of all Kauai activities and Hawaiian Tours, and you can see it all courtesy of Sunshine Helicopters and Kauai Discount!

As part of these Kauai Activities and Hawaiian Tours available through Kauai Discount, Sunshine Helicopter provides a ground briefing, narrated tour, coffee, air-conditioning, and choreographed CD music during your Hawaiian tours. You can purchase a souvenier of your Kauai activities with a pilot-narrated video of your actual flight on DVD from Sunshine Helicopters, a unique way to remember your Hawaiian tours.  Kauai Discount wants this to be a special part of your Kauai Activities that you remember for a lifetime! 

Below is Sunshine Helicopters equipment and seating information for your Hawaiian tours, provided for you by Kauai Discount.  Book your Kauai Activities and Hawaiian Tours today, and don't miss the Ultimate Kauai Experience Helicopter Tour at exceptional savings from Kauai Discount!

Sunshine Helicopters' ASTAR: The ASTAR is the industry standard helicopter with forward facing customized bench style seats that provide excellent visibility. ASTAR OPEN SEATING: Seat assignment for 6 passengers determined by weight and balance.

Sunshine Helicopters' WhisperSTAR: The WhisperSTAR was developed to be the ultimate in sightseeing helicopters. Provides more interior room, individual seats,  more visibility with added plexiglass and elevated rear seats. It offers business and first class seating. The state-of-the-art WhisperSTAR provides quiet and ultra smooth comfort of the most technologically advanced sightseeing helicopter.

Tour Highlights:

  • Na Pali Coast
  • Wailua Falls
  • Waimea Canyon
  • Mount Waialeale
  • Bali Hai

Open Seating: Industry standard four-passenger bench seat. Seat assignment is determined by weight and balance.

First Class Seating: Maximum of two seats per flight. Passengers enjoy First Class seating next to pilot, with extra arm and leg room. Maximum combined weight for two passengers is 400 lbs (181 kg).

 Kauai DiscountUltimate Kauai Adventure
 Sunshine HelicoptersLush Mountain Scenery
 Hawaiian ToursRemote Na Pali Coast
Ultimate Kauai Experience Helicopter TourMap of covered area - click to enlarge
Ultimate Kauai Experience Helicopter TourFX Star Helicopter
Ultimate Kauai Experience Helicopter TourOpen Seating - click to enlarge
Ultimate Kauai Experience Helicopter TourFirst Class Seating - click to enlarge
Where and When:
Early bird, morning, mid-day and afternoon departure times. The exact departure time for your preferred timeframe will be specified on your voucher.
Check in at Sunshine Helicopters office, 3416 Rice Street, Suite 203, Lihue, HI 96766 (located within Anchor Cove Shopping Center) View Map
Weight Restrictions:
FX Star: Passengers over 240 lbs (108 kg) or a combined weight of over 400 lbs (181 kg) for 2 passengers may require the purchase of a comfort seat.
WhisperSTAR: First class guarantee of front seat is limited to 290 lbs (131 kg) or a combined weight of 490 lbs (222 kg) for 2 passengers. Open seating over 290 lbs (131 kg) may require the purchase of a comfort seat.
In General:
If a standard airline seat belt is too small for the guest, they may be required to purchase a comfort seat.
All passengers are weighed at check-in. If given weight is substantially lower than actual weight, you may get bumped from the flight, but still have to pay for the seat.
If requesting first class seating for a minor, one of the passengers in first class must be over 16 and traveling with the minor.
A valid government issued photo I.D. is required.
Flight patterns and specific sights are subject to weather conditions.
Special Notes:
Children 23 months or younger may fly at no charge and must sit on adult's lap. Please provide child's weight at time of booking.
Operation Days:
45 minutes
Sunshine Helicopters
The industry standard FX Star, known as "Black Beauty," has all forward facing customized bench style seats giving excellent visibility. Sunshine Helicopters has flown over 850,000 satisfied passengers in their "Black Beauties" since 1985. The ASTAR 350FX features Bose aviation headsets, an air-conditioned cabin and oversized panoramic windows.

The EC 130 B4 WhisperSTAR is the ultimate in sightseeing helicopters. More interior room, more visibility with added plexiglass and elevated rear seats. Sunshine Helicopters customizes the standard factory interior with business and first class seating to further enhance passenger comfort and visibility. Soar in the state-of-the-art WhisperSTAR and experience the quiet, ultra smooth and most advanced technological sightseeing helicopter ever.
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