Kauai Dinner Cruises and Kauai Sunset Sailing Cruise

Kauai Sunset Sailing to the Na Pali Coast and Kauai Dinner Cruises are no longer meant just for couples, but families also can enjoy Kauai Sunset Cruises!  Kauai Discount works with many find vendors such as Blue Dolphin Charters, Captain Andy's, HoloHolo Charters, and Captain Sundown to bring you the finest in NaPali sailing adventures.  What is more enjoyable than one of our Kauai Sunset Sailing Tours or Kauai Dinner Cruises to the Na Pali Coast with your loved ones?  Whether you choose Captain Sundown, Blue Dolphin Charters, Captain Andy's or HoloHolo Charters, Kauai Sunset Sailing is the greatest on the planet.  Kauai Dinner Cruises are a beautiful ride to the NaPali Coast and Kauai Sunset Cruises are even more amazing. 

Blue Dolphin Charters, Captain Andy's, HoloHolo Charters, Captain Sundown - you name and Kauai Discount will help you book it!  Whether you want to tour the Na Pali Coast from a comfortable seat on one of the Kauai Dinner Cruises or just stare into the flickering candle light of the ultra romantic Kauai Sunset Cruises, you can’t go wrong with a Kauai Cruise.  Kauai Discount is able to offer so many NaPali options working with Blue Dolphin Charters, Captain Andy's, HoloHolo Charters and Captain Sundown.  When booking a package with Kauai Discount, you’re given a diverse selection of Kauai Sunset Cruises sure to please even the pickiest person once they see the beauty of the Na Pali Coast.  Whether you want the romance of Kauai Sunset Sailing or a slow tour of the NaPali Coast with a Kauai Dinner package, you can’t beat the price or the ambience!  Choose your cruise from Captain Andy's or Captain Sundown.  Pick your trip from Blue Dolphin Charters or HoloHolo Charters.  Whatever you decide, Kauai Discount makes it easy to enjoy Kauai Sunset Cruises! 

A HoloHolo Charters Sunset Dinner Cruise to NaPali gives you the best of Catamaran sailing!  The ambience of the Holoholo Charters Catamaran lets you enjoy majestic views from any point on the ship.  You can linger over a light meal, enjoy champagne and watch the sunset over the ocean while you gently float alongside the Na Pali Coast. For a romantic dinner, charter a Blue Dolphin Charters catamaran and drift alongside the NaPali Coast while enjoying a fine dinner over candlelight.  With two choices of a sumptuous dinner, you won’t know whether to take your eyes off of the glorious Pacific Sunset or the beautiful NaPali Coastline.  And don't forget the great Kauai cruising options available from Captain Andy's and Captain Sundown! 

What’s a Hawaiian Vacation without including peaceful, romantic Kauai Sunset Sailing on your itinerary? All of our fine vendors like Captain Sundown, Blue Dolphin Charters, Captain Andy's and HoloHolo Charters work hard to make your Kauai Sunset Sailing a once in a lifetime experience! 

Choose your Kauai Sunset Cruises and Kauai Dinner Cruises and save with Kauaidiscount.com.  Whether you choose Blue Dolphin Charters, Captain Andy's, Captain Sundown or HoloHolo Charters, Kauai Discount has the Na Pali Coast dream journey for you! 


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